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Commission of Parents

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CPDA – Committee of Parents of Dante Alighieri – is a group created with the purpose to contribute to the improvement of the educational process, to assist the school and to integrate family-school-community.

It is comprised of parents who voluntarily work with a view to broad development of school activities. This association, as auxiliary institution of the College, is intended to combine efforts, directly and actively participating in education and training of students, leverage, qualitatively and quantitatively, the already advanced standard of excellence of the activities developed by DANTE, and act as an important tool to support educational projects.

Its main objective is to be the facilitator, providing constant communication between parents, teachers and direction, and striving for seeking balanced solutions to collective problems of day to day school.

The objectives of CPDA are social and educational, non-political, racial or religious group, as well as non-profit.

To you parents who want to collaborate actively with CPDA or just use it as a communication channel between STUDENT-SCHOOL, please fill out the form below, leaving your suggestion, criticism or review. The effort of all contribute to improving the quality of education for our children.


We count on you!